James Rogers, the MusicMan
"Edward John Barrington's music is that Folk based theme that I remembered being introduced to listening to Bob DylanArlo GuthrieJesse WinchesterJohn PrineDan Fogelberg, The Kingston TrioPeter, Paul & Mary and The Mamas and Papas in my youth.  I liked that music and went on to research its roots discovering Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie among others.  However, there was a huge difference in the music I was hearing from Edward; thus, I discovered a whole new approach that was missing in older songs and from older Artists.  That difference, and a fresh difference at that, were lyrics reflecting Edward's actual surroundings and stories he experienced that could be told with references to those areas.  What does that mean for the average listener who might not know The Old Elora Gorge, or where or what Penetanguishene was?  That is just it, for it doesn't matter except that the songs and Edward's singing style made those songs beautiful, funny, poignant and touched a personal nerve while bringing his world to others."
— James Rogers, Planet Radio Canada

Edward John Barrington is a Canadian singer-songwriter and educator living in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. He was born in Hamilton and raised in Burlington; moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, attending high school in nearby Courtenay. He began writing songs and singing locally in and around the Comox Valley, and some songs were featured on the local radio station.. As an adult, Edward lived throughout British Columbia, eventually settling in Vancouver. After a number of years, he  returned to Ontario, and ultimately settled into the Region of Waterloo.   

Edward's extensive song library is reflective of past experiences and present emotions. Themes of travelling, relationships, and pure poetry are prevalent in his songs. Edward is a veteran of the music festival scene, having played at Festival of Friends, Burlington Music Festival, and many coffee houses and concert venues in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. He has facilitated song writing workshops, and has been teaching music since 1983. These days, he is teaching part-time at a local college, and plays a few select shows, both in the region and in Toronto.

He released the album, Watershed, in 1998, and a collection of timely songs, Old Songs, New Sentiments, in 2013. Edward is currently working on a collection of songs for his next two projects, Acoustical Movement, to be released in Spring 2020, and Some Rust, to be released in early 2021. He may be reached at edward@edwardjohnbarrington.com 

Black Walnut Folk Club, Kitchener, Ontario Canada


"When I started coming to the Black Walnut Folk Club, Ed was a guy that took the stage, took total possession of the room, and laid out these great tunes every time."

Wayne Cheater, Host

The Black Walnut Folk Club




Laura Taylor Winfield


"Dan Fogelberg feel!"

"You are touching and amazing!!!"

Laura Taylor Whitfield, Recording Artist